Masinagudi Tourist Places To Visit

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, just 20 Kms away is widely famous as Mudumalai National Park and has some interesting places to visit. This Sanctuary includes several bird species like Bulbul, Parrot and its flora consists of various trees such as shrub and swamp, moist mixed deciduous Sal, Teak, Moist teak forest, and Bamboo. It also serves as a dwelling place for animals like Rhinoceros, Elephants, Jackals, Four-horned antelopes, Leopards, Chinkara, Black bucks and Jungle cats.

The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as Mudumalai National Park. It was established in 1940 for preserving varied flora and fauna. The national park was declared as a Tiger Reserve and functions on the guidelines listed under the Project Tiger.

It is situated on the north-western side of the Nilgiri Hills at an altitude ranging from 467 m to 1251 m. The reserve sprawls over an area of around 321 sq km. The Moyar River and Nilgiri River flow through the reserve.

The sanctuary received its name from the word ‘Mudumalai’ which means ‘situated on the first hill’. The five different ranges of this sanctuary are the Kargudi, Thepakadu, Masinagudi, Mudumalai and Nellakota. The tropical evergreen forest, shrub and swamp, moist teak forest, moist mixed deciduous, dry teak forest and secondary grassland form the topography of the sanctuary.

It provides shelter to the Asian elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, sambar, chital, mouse deer, wild boar and stripe-necked mongoose. Resident as well as migrant birds like crested hawk eagles, Malabar trogon, Malabar grey-hornbill, black-woodpecker, falcon and the king vulture can be seen here. The sanctuary is home to numerous reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, common krait and bamboo pit snakes.

The museum in the forest has pictures of some animals which once lived in the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. The Pykara Lake, Kallatty Falls and Moyar River are some of the other prominent attractions of the sanctuary.

Facilities Available

  • Food available for purchase
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Camera/Video allowed
  • Wearing of shoes/footwear allowed
  • Lockers/Storage

Located just at 7 Kms from Masinagudi, this river runs from the forest and offers beautiful panoramic views to its visitors. If you are interested to see animals so please do not forget to visit here as many animals come here to drink water from this running river.

It is another nice place to visit in Mudumalai because of the presence of varied elephants in this region. It was announced as an Elephant Camp in the year 1972 and is situated close to Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located just 7 Kms from Masinagudi.


  • Pat Ponappa Menlo Park, California

    A Great Getaway

    Good food, good Service, good rooms and a very friendly staff. Rooms are quite decently priced and requests for early check-ins/late check-outs are accommodated whenever possible. Only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the food needs to be ordered much in advance (our lunch order was taken upon check-in at 1130 hrs). The food was very homely and tasty. We stayed in the deluxe room, which were very spacious and neat.They also have one tree house. The tree house is a great option for a couple/3 people. It is at a good height and very close to a watering hole trail. At night you get powerful spotting lights to help spot wildlife. Entertainment options are very limited (as I think they should be in a wildlife lodge of this sort). There are no TV's in the rooms. There are a carrom board and TV in the dining area. Beer is the only alcohol available and slightly overprices. I would suggest buying liquor at Masinagudi town. Do not try to cross the Karnataka border with liquor. Checking is quite strict and the cops will confiscate any alcohol that you may be carrying.

    Staff members Alex were very helpful and I believe he deserves a special mention here.

    All in all, a great place to stay. I went with friends, so cannot comment on how the place will be for a family getaway, but really don't think it'll be any different as far as the experience is concerned.

  • Noa H

    Amaizing place!

    We staid in secret ivory for 3 days and it was great! The location is amazing! In the middle of the forest! We've staid in the elephant room and on our first night we saw a black panther behind the fence (an electric fence). At the second night we've heard two tigers mating!!!

    The rooms are very clean and the service is wonderful!

    To sum up, we strongly recommend this guest house! It's awesome!!!

  • Vinmen Saint Louis, Missouri

    A very pleasant stay at the Secret Ivory Guest House

    We stayed at the secret ivory for 2 nights in December,2011. We did not expect much but were pleasantly surprised.
    The guest house is located in a serene area with the excellent views of the hills and dense forest. We thought that this guest house had the best location compared to the many others available because of its excellent and unblocked views.
    It was a relief to see the cleanliness of the rooms and the bathroom was spotlessly clean. The staff here were very warm and friendly and so was the owner Mr.Om Balan. The food served was good, almost like home cooked food.
    This place has only 8 rooms which is a big advantage for visitors as it helps stay away from the hustle bustle of large hotels and the place is quieter too. The best part was that there is no TV in the room, which makes one enjoy the silence, calm and beautiful views. Truly and restful holiday.
    We spent 1 night in the tree house.The experience was even better It was the highlight of the trip apart from the many animals we saw on our safaris. This cute little tree house sits way atop a tree, amid a bamboo thicket. The view from the tree house is awesome too. The surroundings were beautiful. On the whole, it was nice to get away from busy city life and enjoy this peaceful, serene, calm and heavenly Mudumalai sanctuary. Our stay at Secret Ivory made our trip more memorable. We will definitely stay at Secret Ivory again.

  • Vignesh S Chennai, India

    Truly a Nature's Paradise connected with the Wild -Secret Ivory, Masinagudi

    Generally, I don't write any reviews. This is the first time; I am writing & sharing my experience due to the reason that people should definitely not miss such a wonderful place.

    After hours & hours of gathering information from several blogs and reviews, we finally zeroed on to Secret Ivory as our stay at Masinagudi where we had stayed for 1N/2D on 19th & 20th-Jan-2014. We are a team of 6-pax and had reserved for 2-Standard rooms & 1-Tree house. We were warmly welcomed with a big smile by the Owner Mr.Ombalan & his staff Mr. Alex who were very courteous. Mr. Alex was a perfect host & entertained us thoroughly with his one line witty lines. He knows the pulse of his guests and made us feel comfortable. We enjoyed the stay very much.

    The resort is built at the edge of the forest 2 kms off the main road; I mean it’s truly paradise amidst the jungle. The tree house accommodation is located few foots outside the resort in the jungle which was separated by an electrical fence. The standard rooms were very neat and cleanliness with all the basic amenities. The standard room is the forest facing room. The view of the blue hills from our room is breath taking & one can gaze simply at the mountain for hours peacefully, nature is pristine and untouched at its best.

    Never ever, never ever miss the unforgettable Jeep Safari done by the owner Mr.Ombalan itself, a veteran guide/trekker who drove us through the tough forest roads.

    We'd like to thank Mr. Alex, Brother Rashid, Mr. Sekar, Gowri Shankar and the Creator of "Secret Ivory" Mr. Ombalan for the way they took care of us, which left us with an everlasting impression :)

  • Gaudoc Bengaluru, India

    Good for silent vacation with friends....

    Overall it was a pleasant experience , would be more suitable if u want "nothing to do" kind of place,, just relax and chat.

    Secret Ivory is located at dead end road, towards the forest, it provides some seclusion, though there are resorts and houses on the other side. Food quality needs lot of improvement. There is a mention of buffet , but you will be asked to opt for ala-carte. Prices don't match the quality or the taste.
    Otherwise nice friendly staff, good service, clean bathroom.

    Camp fire was arranged during which we spotted a Lone tusker just near the fence of the resort, below the tree house -- which was the high point of stay.

    Nothing other than this....(Safari is "road safari"---so just skip it,, u have come through the same road anyway.....trek is 600 per person...with prior warnings that u may not sight anything pool, only carrom, shuttle, cards, TV and ur friends...

    I suggest the owners to add some hammocks, one or two swings, merry go round that kids will have something extra to do. Table tennis, volleyball court and archery can be made available, just to get the guests occupied during the afternoons and early evenings.
    Weather was surprisingly good even in peak summer.

  • Daring Prasanna, Chennai

    Awesome Family Vacation in Secret Ivory Resort

    We as a family of six including my dad and mom reached this jungle resort on 7th June afternoon at 12:30 PM. The owner Ombalan welcomed us. We booked a tree house and two rooms facing the mesmerizing mountains. Post lunch we went to Singara River and had fun. Then we went for a night safari in an Open Gypsy in a dense forest which costed Rs.3500 and it was worth more than that. We had the life time shock in the night safari when 10 feet Single tusker from the left almost broke a bamboo tree and dashed our car with anger and we were saved by a nere 5-10 metres distance. It was a life time experience. Everyone were frightened.
    In the morning only myself and my brother went for the trek since everyone else couldn't come out of the night safari shock. This is my 4th visit to Mudumalai and I would say Sanjay is the best trek guide over there. We saw 2 elephants, bears, bisons and many more in the trek.
    I will definitely go back to this resort again. Adventure seekers don't miss this place.

    Service was, even more, better at the resort :-)

    Thanks to the Owner Ombalan and his associates for providing us an excellent trip.

  • Rujila Bengaluru, India

    Simple and great place to stay!

    After so much of research and rejection, we finally zoomed down this resort in Masinagudi for our small vacation. I must say, I will never regret this choice. We had a warm welcome by the staff who were very polite and co-operative until the end. They made sure all our requests are addressed. The location is simply breath taking. Could not have asked more.The food is good. Don't go for Buffet as it can cost much than choosing food from the menu.
    We stayed in the tree house and in a standard room. The tree house is simply awesome and safe too. Bathrooms and rooms were very clean. They have both hot water and shower facility. No Tvs which is a bliss. Opt for a standard room as it is little far from the dining area and the noise (or) opt for a tree house which has excellent view and thrill. The resort team takes care of the safari (rs. 4000 per trip) and trekking (rs.500 per head). Opt for night safari rather than a day as it gives you the most thrilling experience of your life (though we didn't sight much of animals except for deer and an elephant). Go for trekking early morning as advised by the staff. The trek was short though.
    The place is not crowded at all and very tranquil. I will definitely recommend this place.

  • Mitchell, London

    Great stay

    We were unlucky with our timing (during the migration season) so didn't see as much wildlife as we'd hoped for, but we still loved our time here (4 nights).

    The rooms were large and very comfortable, food was plentiful and very good.

    Re. wildlife, we would recommend the dawn safari on foot. Though we saw no big cats, it was still a great experience to be truly out in the Indian forest at first light, plus we did see some wild elephants, bisons, monkeys, deers, peacocks, wild pigs and eagles.

    Would 100% not recommend the bus safari at Mudumalai National Park. A theme park like experience involving queuing for an eternity, then paying to sit on the world's noisiest bus (which obviously scares away any animals) and driving briefly up the main park road, before looping through a small section of the forest as tourists throw litter out of the windows. Wildlife spotted: a peacock and a wild pig. Both of which looked suspiciously like they were thrown in at the end of the route..

  • sharmila R Bangalore

    Rejuvenating stay at Secret Ivory, Masinagudi

    We travelled to Masinagudi on 19th of October 2013 and stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.
    Were we glad that we booked the Tree house there, it was properly built at a good height and had an amazing view of the mountains. The place is very calm and relaxing with greenery all around. The food is amazing. All the hotel staff were very co-operative and made our stay a memorable one. The resort night safari was so much better than the Government Safari. We were lucky to see some amazing animals. All in all, we had a great stay at Secret Ivory. Waiting to go back there again. :)

  • Pratik D Calcutta, West Bengal, India

    Be there only if nature beckons you!!!

    Wonderful!! The simple word to start with. Just the kind of resort I was looking forward to-tranquil, spacious, simple, cosy, caring staff, great food, spectacular view, and above all, closest to the forest one can get to. Another nice thing about the resort is that there are only 9 rooms here within the resort area of 2.36 acres. I have checked locations of other similar resorts in the area in Google maps but this certanly is the best. Jeep safaris to the forests were wonderful. We did not go for trekking but got to know from others staying there that it was an unforgettable experience. Even the experience of fishing in the stream was unforgettable (although 6 fishing rods, more than 12 prying eyes, and some investments in baits proved futile in the end). We were four families in our group and travelled to Ooty from here. Even Our city-bred kids were very upset for leaving this resort and staying at Ooty.
    Only a request to other visitors-please avoid if you are in a mood of partying and boozing. Evenings are quiet here. You have plenty of options to spend your time leisurely:-light up a fire, BBQ, sit quietly with a bottle of beer, play indoor games, or chat with the friendly staff and owner Om Balan.

  • Pemachotse Bristol – UK

    The Mudamalai Tiger Reserve was a side trip for us, recommended by my son whose PhD thesis is based in Mudamalai field research. Son also advised us to stay at Secret Ivory, so we booked in and they sent a Jeep to collect us in Ooty. The road from to Mudamalai from the Nilgiri Hills is a roller coaster ride -- 36 hairpin bends with nerve racking notices about accident statistics along the way. In order to spend 2 nights at Secret Ivory we did it in both directions --36 down and 36 up. It was worth the excditement. Secret Ivory is modern, basic but totally acceptable by any standards. One does not expect luxury in a nature reserve and I have stayed in far less comfort in the Negev desert for example -- or in the Atlas mountains. The rooms are arranged into two blocks -- with an additional one in a tree house outside the electric fence. The fence is supposed to keep elephants out of the compound -- but there was a large pile of elephant dung on the grass in front of our balcony. We were told a group had crashed the fence a couple of days earlier. The eating area is in a separate building, but the friendly staff will deliver to your balcony if you wish. We sat out with a bottle of Kingfisher beer, watching langur money frolic in the trees close by. A variety of exotic birdlife provided additional entertainment. The dirt roads across the reserve are now closed to motor vehicles, so the only way to explore is on foot. We set off on an early morning walk through the jungle with 2 guides -- one up front and one behind. They were obviously professional and sensitive to our we trusted them and were rewarded with a close view of a group of wild elephants and fabulous bird watching -- notably a large red, white and black woodpecker hammering away at a tree a few feet away from our binoculars. We also saw a wild rooster (enormous), wild peacocks, wild boar, spotted deer and monkeys galore. We narrowly missed seeing a tiger. One wonders why a place set up for people who love wildlife allows this to happen.

  • Abhik- Chennai

    An Enchanting Experience !!!!!

    We went to Mudumalai in Jan'2013. The whole trip was a great experience. This place is located in the serene pristine backdrop of Nilgiri moutain, in the middle of mudumalai wilderness. The Rooms were clean and hygienic , the hotel stuffs were very warm and friendly. They arranged for night camp fire which got better with chicken barbeque and grilled chocolate banana . In the night safari we saw Spotted Deers, Porcupine, Mangoose, Elephants and a glimpse of a leopard. Next morning we went for trekking in the Jungle where we encountered with single Tusker, saw Giant Malabar Squirrel, sambar deer , Egale, peacocks,Hawks and number of different species. At noon we went to the nearby Moyer riverside where we tried fishing and some of also bathed there. In the afternoon while driving through the forest near Theppakadu, we got our best moment , seeing a full grown Leopard in the wild from 30 feet distance. The Trip just got perfect with the awesome quality of delectable food, cant expect better than this. Truly a memorable trip !!

  • Bonbibi – Paris

    Very good place

    This was a quiet place to stay in Masinagudi. It is good to spend some time in the country side. The staff is very friendly and the food is good. My wife especially recommends the early morning trekking, which was organized by Secret Ivory staff : she saw tigers. I did not see them because I did not believe this could be possible.

  • John Coimbatore, India

    very very good stay and service

    We are two familys, we go to 25th December ,that staff was very friendly, staffs take care everything, there arrange for safari we saw the lapod, next day we go to the trekking we saw the two tigers,beer and elephent guides also good, the food its very tasty, very clean the rooms and place, we enjoy the holidays, thank you for staffs.

  • Alessandro B Rome, Italy

    Secret Peace

    We were there in August for two nights. We stayed in the tree house. In the room there is also a bathroom with shower. There is no glass in the windows but only curtains and over the bed hangs a mosquito net for insects.
    At night it is wonderful to be lulled by the wind listening to the sounds of the forest nearby.
    One night we saw wild bisons in the house! Cool!
    It 's all very clean and quiet and the staff is really friendly and helpful.
    In particular, the owner is a really nice person so it is very nice to talk to.
    Food is average, but cheap.
    Trekking in the park early in the morning was a great experience.
    Unfortunately, In Masinagudi, the natural reserve was closed by the central Government pending the enactment of a new legislation regarding access of tourists.
    However, we did go for a drive in the streets surrounding the park and so we saw a lot of animals: elephants, wild peacocks, bison, buffalo, warthogs, monkeys.
    We arrive at the Secret Ivory by a bumpy road, but it is nice to be in a place isolated from the chaos of India.
    Perfect place in Masinagudi for those who want to be in nature and relax completely.

  • Benjamin T Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Amazingly tranquil

    We found out about this place by word of mouth in Mysore, so were cautious at first but it turned out great. They even have a tree-top cabin, which is a bit more pricey but looked like a lot of fun. The hosts were nice, the grounds were clean and safe. The organised elephant tours weren't as good as ones we had further up north, but we definitely saw a lot of elephants. Secret ivory is my favourite place in Masinagudi.

  • John D Isle of Man

    Get away from it all (including your creature comforts) at this friendly local place

    We, a family including our 8-year-old daughter stayed here for 1 night on 15 August 2012.

    This Masinagudi hotel is basic, with hard furnishings, but very clean (vital as there are many ants in the forest). It is located at the end of a rough track, near the forest, surrounded by an electric fence to keep out unwanted big critters. The windows have mosquito nets, which appeared effective.

    We found the price of the stay very low. It's all pretty basic, but that suited us - the place is near Tiger Paw, which looks much more flash if that's what you're after. Food is available on site and is good and very cheap. During our stay in this masinagudi resort, we observed that the other guests seemed to be a younger group but there was no disruption as a result of that.

    The staff were most obliging and - unusually in our experience for this grade of place in India - responsive to emails in English, able to price requests quickly and arrange lengthy car transits reliably etc. In our experience definitely worthy of trust. They were also very able to accommocate our request for a short guided walk in the jungle, suitable for an 8 year old, and a jeep ride round the roads in Mudumalai Park. We were lucky to see wild elephants on 2 occasions, one of which was a huge "tusker".

    Overall, highly recommended indeed provided you go expecting the experience to be quite rough and close to nature.

  • Srinivas G Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    A silent getaway

    SecretIvory is a very nice place with very reasonable pricing Resort in Masinagudi. The forest trek organized by the hosts is a super experience. The property is simple, neat, and clean. I love it that they do not have TV in the rooms; the rooms, though basic, are clean and neat with adequate space for sitting out and reading a book or just watching the birds get busy in their business. Food is simple and yum. The best thing about this place is the people (really do not want to use the word staff) are very friendly and cooperative. It was the third outing (with family as well as friends) to this very place and sure shall go there again. Surely would recommend this place.

  • Gopalakrishnan Bengaluru, India

    Great place. Visit July to Jan for best experience

    Stayed at Secret Ivory with family on Mar 23, 2012. This is a great place, though there are no frills attached. Experience was amazing, Staff were very courteous. It's a must-stay place if you are going to Mudumalai/Masinagudi. They have a tree house too!

    Positives: Location, price, staff courtesy, night safari

  • Vinmen Saint Louis, Missouri

    A very pleasant stay at the Secret Ivory Guest House.

    We stayed at the secret ivory for 2 nights in December,2011. We did not expect much, but were pleasantly surprised.
    The guest house is located in a serene area with the excellant views of the the hills and dense forest. We thought that this guest house had the best location compared to the many others available because of its excellant and unblocked views.
    It was a relief to see the cleanliness of the rooms and the bathroom was spotlessly clean. The staff here were very warm and friendly and so was the owner Mr.Om Balan. The food served was good, almost like home cooked food.
    This place has only 8 rooms which is a big advantage for visitors as it helps stay away from the hustle bustle of large hotels and the place is quieter too. The best part was that there is no TV in the room, which makes one enjoy the silence, calm and beautiful views. Truly and restful holiday.
    We spent 1 night in the tree house.The experience was even better It was the highlight of the trip apart from the many animals we saw on our safaris. This cute little tree house sits way atop a tree, amid a bamboo thicket. The view from the tree house is awesome too. The surroundings were beautiful. On the whole, it was nice to get away from busy city life and enjoy this peaceful, serene, calm and heavenly mudhumalai sanctuary. Our stay at Secret Ivory made our trip more memorable. We will definitely stay at Secret Ivory again.

  • Lakshmi Rajneesh – Bangalore

    Gotta see it to believe it!

    We went with our family (10 members total) to Secret Ivory from Bangalore on June 10th 2011 for a 2 day/1 night stay. Mudumalai National Park/Masinagudi is about a 30 min drive from Bandipur, and Secret Ivory can be found deep inside the forest area, down a beautiful long winding road that gets closer the foot of the mountains. Lots of elephants and peacocks to see on the way too.
    When we got to Secret Ivory, the view was absolutely breathtaking. Like the title says, "Gotta see it to believe it". There are no words to describe the calm, peaceful and beautiful surroundings! There were lots of Langurs hanging about with their familes too. We were greeted by the owner, Om Balan, who is a also a veteren guide and tracker, and the rest of his staff.
    Secret Ivory is a quaint little homestay sort of a place with a very homely feel, to both the rooms and food cooked. The rooms are very neat and well maintained. Om Balan's a very down-to-earth guy, always ready to help and answer any questions you may have. They also arranged an amazing night safari for around 2-3 hrs time! The night safari was probably the highlight of our stay there. Just to be so close to the mountains in the jeep parked to the side of the road under the starry sky with some clouds passing overhead (feeling like its within your reach), that's Heaven! We also got a camp fire lit up once we back at the resort later that night.The food at Secret Ivory, to be honest, is not the "hotel/resort" material. But it's definitely yummy, healthy, home-cooked food (They serve both veg and non-veg)!
    Secret Ivory is definitely a place one can go on a family vacation or on a romantic getaway. Worth the money, worth the journey, worth the scenery and definitely worth the experience! Will surely pay them a visit again sometime!!

  • Kishore Reddy Bangalore

    For nature lovers

    A great place for nature lovers with excellent views.

    Secret Ivory Masinagudi reort have a tree house and it is a must try. Can get hot inside tree house during day time. It is an exciting experience to have. They have placed the tree house after their electric fence cutting it off from rest of their property. So to get into their property one needs to call them and ensure the electricity to the fence is cut off.

    In Masinagudi, secret ivory campus you can view Occasional elephant, often sighted spotted deer, peacocks, langurs, Indian macaques make the place very exciting.

    Food they serve is very homely and light on stomach.

  • Sreedev D.

    Nice place for nature lovers....

    We visited the place on 26th an 27th of this month. Excellent place..reasonable rates...above all the service from Mr Ombalan and family....thank you all. Vinod thank you for your service.. Secret Ivory is the best resort in Masinagudi ...!

  • Srinivasen Coimbatore, India

    A place for people who seek Quiet and Relaxing Weekends

    This property is placed abutting the Mudumalai jungle near Masinagudi. When you are approaching this property while getting down through Kallatty Ghat road, you have to take a left turn well before Masinagudi. An electric fence separates this property from the jungle. I visit this place frequently with my family and friends for a decade. In fact I have conducted Fashion Photography Workshops on two occasions for my students.

    The place is beautiful and it is the place for people who seek quietness during weekends. This property is owned by Mr.Ombalan who is very friendly and care taking. He can arrange a Jeep if the tourists want to see nearby places. Though the food is not extraordinary, it is very homely with reasonable rates. Rooms have adequate space and kept neat and clean.The place has ample space for car parking. In Masinagudi, I have seen elephants, bears, Sambars, Spotted deers etc. close to this place many a time. In fact I heard roaring of a tiger very close to our secret ivory guest room during my last time stay at the early morning. Secret ivory is a affortable and Quality Resort in Masinagudi.

  • Anish s Trivandrum, India

    Paradise For Nature Lovers

    Secret Ivory is a nice resort to stay in Masinagudi with good homely food.The service was good in general, views were breathtaking. Ombalan & Alex are great and will take care of all requirement. They made arrangements for jeep ride into the jungle and was an amazing experience.Worth every penny spent and if lucky you can even spot some animals sitting near your room. Very highly recommend this place for nature and wildlife lovers.

  • Rnbhatta Bengaluru, India

    Great place to stay . Very close to wilderness. Great Staff.

    Awesome experience. Staff is very caring. Great location. Clean beds and bathrooms.Great food. All these with great price. Food customization and quality is amazing. I wish we had stayed longer. Highly recommended.

  • chan_789

    Nice Place to Stay and enjoy

    The resort is in a very peaceful place, no disturbance nothing. The owner stays there, so he ensure everything should be perfect, very genuine person, talked to with him. The rooms, washrooms are neat and clean , well maintained, every fittings are white in washroom and rooms. The food was awesome. Great place to stay and enjoy. You can watch deers, rabbits come near resorts at night time.